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2022 A Great Vintage Year for Long Island - Reason to Celebrate!!

“This vintage is my 41st on the East End, and I’ve rarely seen better,” said Rich Olsen-Harbich, head winemaker at Bedell Cellars in Cutchogue.

“It’s been dry, hot, great sunshine, no humidity. The berries are smaller and more concentrated, which means more flavor, giving us a window to make more powerful, elegant wines,” said Roman Roth, head winemaker at Wölffer Estate in Bridgehampton. Roth is particularly excited for the pinot noir this year, though the winery is best known for a Long Island rosé gulped down like water on hot summer days in the Hamptons.

"Starting with one winery in the 70s, Long Island’s East End has become a powerhouse with more than 80 wineries, including Bridgehampton’s scenic Wölffer Estates. Wine country on the East End has been transformed in recent years, attracting big-ticket investors, adding fancy tasting rooms and bringing in world-class winemakers to steer the process, as the Wall Street Journal reported last week. These improvements, plus climate change-fueled warming trends, have the region’s major players optimistic. The upcoming 2023 vintage they say, will be the best ever. Industry experts, often skeptical of Long Island wines, aren’t quite so easily swept away in the tide of excitement."

Now from harvest to barrel, bottle to glass, we await the results in peace...

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