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The Big Little Farm That Could

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Their website says they’re the “biggest little farm on the North Fork.” Exactly what I was thinking as we walked around the 1760 Homestead Farm. Mind you it’s not a place you’d set your eyes on so easily. This presumed wallflower of a farm is set back from the road, imperceptible at a fleeting glance. We actually passed right by on our trek in search of a new locale to explore (I’ve blazed by this place dozens, maybe hundreds, of times in the past). But something caught my attention to this time, enough to turn around.

We pulled into the spacious parking lot with a few historic-looking barns and buildings on the premises, and immediately gravitated toward the fenced-in farm animals that lined the left side of the property. We got the side eye from a few disinterested goats, tried to discern what species of geese were gathered by the pond, and tried to make friends with a lone horse.

We made our way toward the front of the grounds, where several quaint cottages are set about with goods for sale. They feature an ensemble of produce and culinary items like raw honey, free-range eggs, heirloom produce, unique herbs, pantry items. The on-premises kitchen also cranks out fresh pies daily - Concord grape pie, Shoofly Pie, Pecan Brownie, and more.

The highlight was the “hidden” barn venue just beyond the craft shop. I let out an audible gasp when I crept through the doorway into what I thought was another room filled with décor and hand-painted wooden things. With soaring ceilings, long rustic tables, bails of hay for seats, and tidy bar in the corner, it’s a perfect place for a hoe-down. Or any festivity for that matter.

We found out from one of the young women who works there that they hold “farm to plate” experiences on Sundays in the barn (outdoors on the grounds in the warmer months). Guest chefs prepare special three-course menus for their guests, with some past selections including butternut squash soup, lemon-asparagus orzo, and mustard dill chicken. You can also rent the space for your own private event too.

They do have a website, but you’re better off visiting their FB page since it’s kept up to date with the latest happenings at the farm.

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