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Long Island - A very special place we get to call home.

This Ain't No Country Club

Have to say we were a little intimidated when we were invited to a special "Studio 54" event at the North Fork Country Club by our great friends. Having grown up in Queens my sister and I have had limited exposure to lavish lifestyles - so things like dress code and etiquette were freaking us out a bit. Were jeans appropriate? Could hubby wear shorts? Do you need a collared shirt after hours? A swirl of wardrobe confusion. After several calls to the club to clarify the night's agenda and protocol, we settled on our ensembles and off we went.

Well it turned out to be a blast, one of the most memorable nights we’ve had all summer. The scenery was spectacular - what better backdrop for a summer soiree than lush rolling hills and a violet dusky sky?

The one thing we were admittedly pondering was what the "air" would be like that evening. Our expectations were set on a "stuffy and serious" barometer, figuring we'd be sipping softly and conversing casually with the country club folk.

Just a few minutes in my Adirondack chair waiting for the festivities to start (we were very early and got to people watch as the guests rolled in) changed my mind quickly. The entrants were spirited, decked in their best 70s attire. There was laughter, champagne, and hobnobbing. Tonight might actually be a good night.

The celebration escalated as the minutes wore on. Sophisticated mature men with fluorescent décor strapped to their scalps, women golfers-by-day in sparkles and spiked heels, dancers dipping giddy partners to Bee Gees tunes, a heavily cocktailed crowd with smiles as big as the moon. It was a beautiful and awesome evening. “All they wanna do is have some fun.”

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